Strive 2025
Strategic Plan

The Mission of Thompson School District is to Empower to learn, Challenge to achieve, Inspire to excel.

Student Achievement

Thompson School District is dedicated to preparing each and every student for life beyond the walls of our schools. TSD staff focus on educating “the whole child,” helping to ensure that students are able to demonstrate their learning in meaningful ways and move forward in life as healthy and strong individuals.


Thompson School District believes in school and administrative campuses that foster a welcoming environment, a feeling of hope, a sense of belonging and a safe environment where students, families, staff and community members will feel supported and comfortable in their growth.

Human Talent

Thompson School District will invest in teachers, leaders and support staff to ensure we create the most impactful learning conditions that enable students to reach their full potential. TSD will be a “destination of choice” for individuals who are seeking a rewarding profession that empowers and inspires them to become difference-makers.


As a public taxpayer-funded organization, Thompson School District will continue to be an accountable entity that is fiscally responsible, efficient in its use of resources and transparent in its continued partnership with the community.

Featured Profile

  • Katie Erkman, Senior, Loveland High School, I.T.S. Apprentice

Safety and Security

The safety of each student, staff member and visitor is our number-one priority. Here is a short video that describes the process we follow to help keep our district community safe.