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    •  Welcome to Thompson Online

      The Thompson Online Program offers a rigorous, NCAA approved complete online education option for TSD K-12 students. We offer nearly all of Thompson School District's classes, plus electives the District does not have (we don't currently offer AP classes). Students have 24/7 access to their classes through an online platform and/or can come into the lab for extra support. Students can participate as full-time, or part-time students; we typically have over 200 students throughout the District. Online teachers interact with students through multiple venues, creating a virtual learning environment.


      Requirements to start:


      We need a complete application to start that has been signed by your building Counselor and Administrator.


      Orientation is required for all students and parents! We have a new Learner Platform (software), so every student must do an Orientation.


      Starting in September, all registrations and Orientations are by appointment. Please, call ahead for an appointment at 613-5989.


      Students must have access to technology at home; this means good internet service and a complete PC or Mac computer with Office (students with an active District Email Account can get Office for free). A tablet, chromebook, or phone, is not adequate. If you are in a District Charter school, you might have to provide for the cost of Microsoft Office. 


      Students with current, or previous, IEPs or 504s (and ESL students) will be required to meet with the TOL staff before being accepted. Not all student needs for IEPs and 504s can be met in our program, so not all students will be accepted. This is in the best interest of our students.


      For further information see our Handbook, or contact us at 970-613-5989.  


      Be sure to see our information on Browsers for D2L