Applicant Obligations/Responsibilities

Legal Considerations
The applicant shall be considered the legal agent of the organization and/or group and, as such, shall be responsible for compliance with all conditions identified in the request for community use of school facilities form. The applicant may not assign or transfer the approved request to another individual or group. By signing the request, the applicant agrees to indemnify (by current and adequate proof of insurance) the district for any damages occurring to the building, classroom furnishings and adjacent grounds during the periods such property is rented by the applicant. The applicant agrees to hold the district harmless from liability for any injury or accident arising during the course of the rental. The applicant shall also hold the district harmless for any damage or loss to the property of any person attending the sponsored rental activity.

School Site Expectations, Rules, Supervision, Security Concerns
For use of a facility at any district school or site, the applicant shall meet with the principal, or facility use coordinator, at the location of intended use at least two weeks prior to the date of use. This meeting will allow the applicant and district administrator to review all rules, protocols or practices unique to the school or site to be used. It also allows the administrator to meet the person(s) who will be using the building. Another important issue to be discussed at this meeting is the level of adult supervision to be provided by the applicant (where youth activities are involved). Finally, the expectations with respect to facility security will be discussed at this time.

Equipment Needs
Portable microphones, tables, chairs, and other equipment are available upon request. It is the applicant's responsibility to note these needs at the time the request is completed. Equipment may need to be set up and operated by district staff. Charges for this equipment will be included in the request for community use of school facilities form.

Certificate of Insurance
District insurance coverage does not extend to the conduct or liability of community or other groups utilizing district facilities. The district will require a current and adequate certificate of insurance before a request of community use of school facilities form can be approved.

Approved User Identification
The applicant will receive a copy of the approved facility use request by the facility use coordinator upon receipt of payment. This approved request will serve as a receipt and will identify him/her as a valid user. This approved request shall be presented to the designated staff member working the event upon arrival at the time of use. District staff is required to deny use to any party without an approved request for community use of school facilities.