What is Digital Restriction?

What is Digital Restriction?

If, after following positive behavior protocols, family/school collaboration, and site discipline guidance, a student continues to display undesired behaviors to the extent that the teacher is unable to facilitate class instruction, a site administrator may contact ITS to request  “digital restrictions” (duration of time and level of restrictions will vary based on situation, student, and request of site administrator). If a student is in digital restriction, the following will be restricted:

Minor Digital Restriction

  • Can’t set student device background, set to caution sign
  • Can’t change profile image, set to caution sign
  • Email only allowed to/from staff
  • Websites restricted to only required/allowed for educational purposes. ( all sites blocked except some of what we allow- some educational sites/apps)
  • Complete blockage of Social Media, YouTube, Netflix, Games, etc.
  • No Google Chat


Major Digital Restriction

  • All of the above restrictions
  • No access to Google Meet video conferencing


Teachers can further moderate chat in Meets (when allowed), and Google Classroom.


Digital Suspension is the complete disabling of all student account functions including the ability to log in to any student device or any digital accounts issued to the student such as the Google account. This should be used very sparingly for only the most egregious and time sensitive situations