Gravity kills

Posted by Dennis Newberry on 11/6/2015

Wow! I am really impressed and inspired by your kids!

We have been using the Tynker platform to work on our Flappy Bird clone. In this application, I have setup a classroom and can assign lessons and see their work as well as their projects. Additionally, we have the ability to "showcase" our projects. 
Today we started our session with two of the projects from the previous week that I thought showed either unique solutions or game concept and had the kids talk through their code and what they were trying to accomplish. 
We then worked on the primary movements of the bird in the upcoming Flappy Bird clone. I challenged them with a limited scope problem and gave them 20 minutes to come up with a solution. I saw three different ways to solve the problem I posed and we talked about the merits of each approach. 
Their homework for the next week will be to create a game that: 
  1. Uses the physics engine to implement gravity
  2. Invoke an action when objects (actors) collide
I will follow the same routine next week where I announce two "Game of the Week" awards and have them discuss their game and code. 
It is VERY rewarding to me to see them working on these games at home!! We already have 16 game projects in our class in just a couple of weeks. Amazing!
NOTE: I will be traveling for work in two weeks and will miss the Nov 20th session. As such, due to the Thanksgiving holiday, next week will be the last session until December 4th. I will be sure to give them a lot to think about! :-)