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In-Person Learning Re-Starting This Month

On December 16, Thompson School District staff presented members of the Board of Education with an update on the impact of the pandemic as well as proposed plans for a return to in-person learning for many of our students. This letter will provide you with information about that transition as we move forward.

Attention Loveland Classical and New Vision Charter School families: Information regarding your student’s schedule has been communicated to you by the school.

Beginning Tuesday, January 5, students in the following groups will return to in-person learning at their school, utilizing the same schedule that was in place before the current remote-learning period:

-All PreK-5th grade students
-Ferguson High School students
-Thompson Career Center students
-SOARS program students
-Secondary students in the Intensive Learning Centers, Intensive Language Learning Center, Sierra School, Community Connections and HOPE program
-Secondary students in English Language Development Newcomer programs

Middle school and high school students (other than those listed above) will return to in-person learning on the following dates, utilizing the previous hybrid schedule:

Middle School Students: Tuesday, January 19
High School Students: Monday, January 25

Remote learning will continue for secondary students (resuming on January 5) until their assigned return dates. The decision to further delay the return to in-person instruction for secondary students was difficult to make. Larimer County health officials are supportive of the district’s plans and we will continue to partner with them as we move forward with this transition.

“Locally, we have seen that early learning and K-5 students have minimal in-classroom transmission and it is encouraged that those students return to in-person learning when the schools are ready and able to do so,” said Larimer County Public Health Director Tom Gonzales. “We are supportive of a phased return to in-person learning for secondary students. As always, we support our districts and schools and the decisions they make to keep students and teachers safe and we continue to work closely with them to do so.”

Why was this decision made?  What has changed?

The decision to transition all students to remote learning beginning on November 23 was due to the status of the pandemic within the community, the growing number of isolations and quarantines throughout the district and the difficulty in continuing to provide adequate substitute instructors and other personnel as needed. Three key developments in particular are now in place that will allow the district to move forward with this plan:

A. Adjustments in State Guidance:  The State of Colorado has adjusted its guidance for school districts related to in-person instruction for students. For additional information and resources, please visit the State of Colorado’s COVID-19 website located here.

B. Testing Availability at the District Level: Thanks to a partnership between Thompson School District and Larimer County officials, testing services will soon be available on district sites, which will greatly improve the ability to quickly identify COVID-19 infections. The availability of testing services for staff and students will be significantly increased. More information on this process will be released soon.

C. Adjustments in Isolation and Quarantine Protocols:  Recently, federal and state officials released updated guidance that significantly changes how isolations and quarantines are managed within Larimer County and the district.  In particular, the new guidance allows isolations and quarantines to be much more targeted than before, which will likely result in an overall decrease of students and staff members being impacted by each incident of COVID-19.  Please note that isolations and quarantines will still likely occur frequently throughout the district.  However, it’s our belief that these new guidelines will assist us greatly in ensuring that students are able to remain in school as much as possible. 

Thank you again for your patience.  We greatly appreciate your support.