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District Transitioning to Remote-Only Learning, Effective November 23

These past several months have been challenging for our entire district community.  The ongoing pandemic has created a need for schools to make big changes to their educational model and for students and parents to adjust their lives and schedules in dramatic ways.  Here in Thompson, our team has worked hard to provide the most robust in-person educational experience possible for students, while also providing remote learning options for families who are more comfortable with that model.

Thompson School District staff are continuing to work with the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment to monitor infections within TSD and take all reasonable steps to help keep students and staff safe.  Although the number of isolations and quarantines in our district remains lower than in many other parts of the community, our concern for the health and safety of students and staff has grown to a level where we feel that we must take additional steps to help keep people safe.  As a result of these concerns, effective Monday, November 23, Thompson School District will transition all in-person learning throughout the district to a remote-only model until (at least) Tuesday, January 5. 

Why is this decision being made?

There are four key reasons why TSD has made this decision:

1) Larimer County health officials maintain a public database that tracks COVID-19 data (located here).  This database shows that the infection rate within the community is continuing to rise, which is creating an elevated concern for community health. In addition, we are experiencing escalating numbers of cases within our schools and we are expecting those numbers to continue to rise. To view the district’s matrix, which was established with guidance from county health professionals, please click here.

2) It is becoming harder for the district to provide adequate substitute staff support to assist when staff members are isolated or quarantined due to COVID-19 exposure.  The district has taken significant steps to increase its number of available substitute staff.  While we have been able to meet the need so far, we are quickly approaching a time where that is no longer possible, which would create educational and safety concerns for our school community. 

3) When students and staff members move in and out of isolation and quarantine, it creates discontinuity of teaching and learning. 

4) Due to the impact of COVID-19, the State of Colorado is encouraging people to stay at home as much as possible. Although school districts in the state work under separate guidance, it is also important that TSD does its part to help keep our entire community as safe as possible.  

Is there a chance that this remote-only session will last longer?

It is our hope that we will be able to return to the current in-person model on Tuesday, January 5.  The ability for us to do so will depend largely on how the pandemic affects our community between now and then.  We will communicate with you on Friday, December 18 to provide you with an update and a decision moving forward.

Additional Information

How does this decision impact students who are enrolled in Special Education and other programs that feature small groups of students?

We are providing in-person learning for small groups of students who have specific learning goals that remote learning does not adequately address. Transportation services are continuing for students who are currently being transported in these programs. 

How does this decision impact students who are enrolled in Thompson Connect Online (TCO)?

Students enrolled in Thompson Connect Online are continuing in the program with no interruption or change in delivery.

How does this decision impact students who are enrolled in TSD charter schools?

Follow-up communication has been sent to charter school families from the schools.

Will food service programs remain available?

Remote distribution of meals will continue to be available. These meals will be provided at no charge to all students within the district as a result of a waiver granted by the USDA.  Curbside pick-up sites for these meals will be available geographically throughout the district.  Families will be able to access any of these locations regardless of the child’s school of attendance.  For more details, please see the information that has been posted on the home page of this web site.

What if my student needs a device or internet access? 

TSD will continue to check-out devices to students who need them for remote learning. If your student needs a device, fill out the form here to find out how to make an appointment to pick one up. If you’re having problems with internet access, please make sure your student (with their Google account) has filled out the Student Tech Access Survey 2020 here so that we can reach out to you to provide assistance. If you need technical support or repair services, contact the ITS Help Desk at 970-613-7777, Monday-Friday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Will all-day childcare be provided?

Thompson School District is partnering with the YMCA of Northern Colorado and the Boys and Girls Club of Larimer County to provide remote learning support and childcare options for families. Spaces are limited, as class sizes are restricted due to safety precautions.  If programs are full at your designated site, please continue to register and we will work with the providers to identify space at another location.

YMCA of Northern Colorado
Hours: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
Locations:  Starting November 23

Serving Namaqua, Big Thompson, Ivy Stockwell, Berthoud, Laurene Edmondson, Ponderosa, Centennial, and Coyote Ridge elementary schools, and High Plains K-8 at the following THREE locations:


YMCA Registration will open soon at:

**Financial assistance for the program is available**

Boys and Girls Club of Larimer County:
Hours: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm 
Locations: Starting November 23

  • TRUSCOTT (serving Truscott and Monroe)
  • WINONA (serving Winona and NVCS)
  • SARAH MILNER (serving Sarah Milner, Garfield, BFK and Carrie Martin)
  • MARY BLAIR (serving Mary Blair, Cottonwood and Lincoln)  
  • Pulliam Boys and Girls Club (serving middle and high school students)

BGCLC Registration Information:   

 **BGCLC has full and partial scholarships available!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your school.  We understand that this decision creates some significant challenges for many of our families. We firmly believe that an in-school environment is the best place for our students to learn and grow.  However, the safety and health of our students, families and community is, and always will be, our number-one priority.  We thank you for your patience as well as your partnership as we continue to navigate the challenges that are before us.