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A Follow-Up on the Recent Safety Incident at Berthoud High School

Dr. Marc Schaffer

On Friday, December 6, district and law enforcement officials made the decision to evacuate and close Berthoud High School for the day when we learned that a bomb threat had been directed toward the school community.  While we were certainly aware that this action was going to create a large inconvenience for parents due to the student reunification process that needed to happen, we also knew that we were making the right decision for all involved.  The safety and security of our students is always our number-one priority at Thompson School District.  Although we will always do what we can to ensure that our buildings remain open to serve students and the community, we will never hesitate to close campuses if we believe that it is necessary. Thankfully, we learned soon afterward that morning that no bomb was present and the campus was officially re-opened.

As difficult as the situation was that day, I was very proud of the partnership that was on display among so many individuals and local agencies.  Our district staff team responded quickly and efficiently and did a wonderful job reuniting students with parents as quickly as possible.  Meanwhile, our partners—the Larimer County Sheriff's Office, the Berthoud Fire Protection District and other officials—did a fantastic job assisting the district and our families.  Every staff member and safety official was driven by one clear goal – doing what was right for our students and families and working hard to ensure that all were safe and secure.

In times of crisis, I believe we can learn a lot about a team and the individuals who are a part of it.  What I learned on Friday simply reinforced what I already know – that we have a terrific staff and a fantastic group of community partners who are 100% dedicated to Thompson School District and our students.  I am also grateful to our families and our community for their patience and support as we worked to evacuate a building and reunify an entire school community in only about an hour and a half.

To learn more about Thompson School District’s safety and security systems, including our student reunification process in times of emergency, please visit

Again, thank you for your continued support of our entire Thompson School District community.  It is greatly appreciated.

Dr. Marc Schaffer
Thompson School District