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The importance of Advisory and Cornerstones

At TVHS, we have an important program which all students are enrolled in.  For the Juniors and Seniors, this program is Advisory, and for the Freshmen and Sophomores, the program is Cornerstones.  The class time is on Thrusdays from 8:30am-9:25am, right before 1st period.

Why is this program important?  It is important because this is the time students will be working on tasks such as creating portfolios for graduation (for Freshmen and Sophomores), applying for colleges and scholarships, attending class meetings to get important information, working to learn social-emotional skills, and building relationships with other students and with staff.  Students also have time to look at their own data, such as results from PSAT and SAT tests, to look at their grades so they can stay on track, and to assess their credits to make sure they will graduate on time.  They have access to teachers and staff during this time, so they will be guided and supported as they make decisions for their futures.

Every student has the opportunity to attend this amazing program every week!