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Resources to Support You During At-Home Learning

Resources to Support You During At-Home Learning

If you would like to speak with someone directly, the following phone numbers are available:

  • Christine Smith - Principal - 760-938-0537
  • Joe Zappa - Assistant Principal - 720-634-5172
  • Matt Smith - Dean of Students - 970-325-5058
  • Doug Crumb - Counselor - 970-775-8367
  • Cindy Soulliere - Counselor - 720-534-6576

While this is certainly a trying time for all of us, we are here to support our Cougar community, and especially our students.  Please feel free to reach out anytime to let us know what unique needs you may have in order to create a successful learning environment for your child.

We are in this together.  Stay safe and healthy,

Christine Smith and Joe Zappa