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Student Led Conferences

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Student Led Conferences will be held on February 26th, 27th, and 28th from 4pm-7:45pm. During Conferences your child will discuss his/her academic growth with you through the use of data binders, goals they have set, and examples of some of their work. All K-8 students will lead their student led conference portion, so please make sure that when you sign up for your conference time, it is a time your child(ren) can accompany you to school. After your child’s student led conference portion, you and your child may visit with their teacher for further discussion on your child’s progress. The Student Led portion is the first 15 minutes and there is an additional 15 minutes to meet with your child’s teacher.

During Student-Led Conferences:

  • Students direct the discussion with his/her parents for the first 15 minutes. Students will have a materials to help them conduct their conference.
  • After the student led portion, parents and students have 15 additional minutes to meet with the teacher.
  • After the Student Led Conference, students and parents are encouraged to visit Core Extension/Specials teachers to learn about work students have done in the areas of art, music, PE, and technology.
  • K-5th grade parents need to sign up for their conference at HPS February 2019 Student Led Conferences. Please read the directions to sign up.
  • 6th-8th conferences are drop in. Students will go to STEAM room 213 or the cyber cafe to conduct their student led conference for the first 15 minutes. Then parents and students may visit with any of their teachers. Teachers will be available in their classrooms on the second floor.  
  • When all of your conferences are complete, please visit the Scholastic Book Fair.

We look forward to seeing you and your child in February!