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Locker decorating guidelines

Turner Middle School

Locker Decorating Guidelines


Thank you for helping to support our students involved in athletics, clubs, extra activities, and academics with positive messaging.


  • Locker decorations may be applied with painters tape or any tape that removes safely.
    • See the front office for suggestions if needed.
  • Magnets work great and remain on lockers better than other options.
    • Student will often move them into their lockers to keep them.
  • The use of Scotch tape, double sided tape, stickers, and/or glue is prohibited.


  • Messaging must be appropriate and positive.
  • Decorations must be safe and not pose any danger or injury to the students or to anyone coming in contact with the locker.
  • Food, candy, or other edible items and the use of latex (balloons) is prohibited.
  • All students from that group need to be represented- ie. if decorations are placed on the varsity volleyball team lockers, all varsity players should receive one.


  • Decorations need to be removed after the event/season.
    • Decorations that begin to fall off will be removed.


  • Check with the coach, booster, office if putting names/pictures on the decorations
    • Some parents may not approve of this practice


Thank you for taking the time to make the decorations, hang them, and cheer on our students!!