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Spectators Approved! View New Guidelines Here.

Dear Families:

The Larimer County Department of Public Health and Environment recently announced an adjustment to its COVID-19 dial status, moving to a designation of "Yellow ('Concern')."  As part of this move, county officials have approved of a plan that will allow the district to once again host limited spectator attendance at district athletic events. Below is an outline of the changes, which will take effect beginning on Monday, February 8th:

Home Team

Two tickets will be allowed for each athlete (girls and boys basketball and wrestling), with 12 players for basketball and 14 for wrestling.

Visiting Team

One ticket will be allowed for each athlete, with 12 tickets for visiting basketball parents and 14 for wrestling parents if needed.

These plans will apply to main gyms and varsity games and matches only. No spectators will be allowed in auxiliary and small gyms.

In addition, please note the following:

-Parents/guardians for the visiting team will be socially distanced in one section of the bleachers, while seat assignments will be created for home parents/guardians in another section.

-The district will continue to use the same plan for player benches and score tables that has been utilized so far this season. If possible, four to six rows of bleachers will be pulled out so that players waiting to play or who have already played will be able to socially distance in the bleachers.

-Twelve cheerleaders may cheer on the floor. No cheerleaders from the visiting team will be able to attend and pep bands will not be in attendance as well.

-Cheer students will have an opportunity to have a showcase event later in the season.

-Masks must always be worn appropriately and they must cover the mouth and nose at all times.

-The same plan will also be used for wrestling duals.

-Tri and quad wrestling events will not be allowed to host spectators.

- No concessions will be sold and outside food will not be allowed in the gyms.

- Based on CHSAA guidelines, spectators will be expected to leave the venue following each contest. Seated areas and the bench areas will be disinfected and sanitized before the next group of parents/guardians may enter the gymnasium.

- Middle school athletics will follow the same spectator guidelines, with two tickets allowed per rostered athlete for the home team and one ticket per rostered athlete for the visiting team.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your school’s athletic/activities director.

Thank you,

Kevin Miles 

Athletic Director @ Conrad Ball Middle School

Any questions please call me at 613-7398