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LHS' Arnaud Garcia Captures State "New Educator Award"

Arnaud Garcia

Congratulations to Loveland High School’s Arnaud Garcia, who has won the state CCFLT (Colorado Congress of Foreign Languages) New Educator Award.

The New Educator Award is presented to a world language teacher in the first five years of service who shows uncommon potential for the development and implementation of ideas in the classroom.

Arnaud is the heart and soul of the Loveland High School French program and goes above and beyond to keep the program growing.   He is a behind the scenes diligent worker whose robust esprit and silent vigor inspire all of us who work with him.

He currently teaches French I, French I MYP, French II, French II MYP and Pre-AP and French III, MYP and Pre-AP, French IV IB and Pre-AP and French V IB and AP, as well as concurrent enrollment with CU Denver for the French IV classes. The French IV and French V classes are mixed together and offer a challenge of engaging all the students to reach higher levels of proficiency, as well as succeed on their exams.  Since he is very talented with technology, he has designed some very unique flipped classes to keep everyone moving forward.  His content knowledge, native speaker language ability, creativity, enthusiasm and organization make him a very a successful French teacher.  His is well respected by his students and his colleagues.

In his short time with TSD, he has already presented at state conferences and has worked on the CDE High Impact Instructional Practices Lesson Plan Project.  The most important part is the impact he has on his students everyday (

Arnaud is confident, self-assured and very passionate about his content area. This has translated into energized students who emerge from his classes excited about learning a new language.  His humor, his zest for teaching and his creativity make for lively classes where students are using the language and living the culture.  He puts in a great deal of time and effort in his teaching and planning, which benefits his students. He is also very adept at creating engaging activities, especially involving relevant technology.  For example, he recently created a project utilizing QR codes, which provided students a unique way to learn about Paris.  In another unit about Francophone housing, students used the video game, Minecraft, to complete a project for the unit.  He also has students use cameras to record images of new vocabulary and has designed a Wikispace full of resources and activities, which is both useful to students and parents.

Arnaud’s competent knowledge of the concepts of proficiency and second language acquisition help him develop thematic unit strategies and activities that engage the learners in meaningful real-world tasks.  He already has an excellent working knowledge of the ACTFL and state language teaching standards, as well as a grasp of the different proficiency ranges. His lesson plans align with district, state and national standards. He has developed authentic formative and summative proficiency assessments with corresponding rubrics that clearly define the expectations for the students. He strives to provide multiple pathways in order to provide access, equity and support for each learner. Arnaud has participated recently in a week-long AP French workshop and an IB Diploma Program workshop.  Both of these programs are at a very high level of rigor and relevancy.  They also provided strategies and content that can be built into the lower levels in order to ensure that the level of language is consistent and that it gives guidance to advanced levels.

Arnaud cares about his students.  He insists that quality exists in educating all children, by not only challenging them to high standards, but also acknowledging their individual intelligence, talents and gifts.  Students enjoy learning languages from a devoted teacher who provides such an abundance of opportunities in French. He is also attentive to the success of all students in foreign language study for their personal and/or professional futures.

Arnaud’s leadership and his dedication to teaching and providing engaging opportunities have certainly impacted the quality of the French program at Loveland High School.  Again, we wish him congratulations for this fine honor.