Amazon Smile

  •  Earn money for our school EVERY TIME you shop on AMAZON. It's easy!!

    • Shop on Amazon through the Amazon Smile website: 
    • Families choose Centennial Elementary PTA as the charitable organization they wish to support.
    • Whenever they shop through the Amazon Smile program, our school will receive 0.5% of the purchase from Amazon! 
    • No mark-up on the items being purchased!
    • It works with Prime too!

    Make sure you type in your browser before you order through Amazon.


King Soopers Card

  •  king
    How does it work?  
    • Purchase a gift card from the school for $5. Use cash, check, or credit card to add more money to the card before the cashier begins ringing up your purchases.
    • Whatever dollar amount you add to the card is the amount you can spend - there are no fees!
    • Use the card to purchase groceries, prescriptions, & even gas for your car!
    • Keep the card & continue to reload it again & again.
    • Encourage out-of-town friends & family to purchase one too!

    How does the school earn money?

    • Every time a card is initially purchased through the school, or reloaded at the store, King Soopers adds that amount to Centennial's Neighborhood Rewards account.
    • Once the school account reaches $5,000 in purchases/reloads, the school receives a check for 5% of the total.

    How do I purchase a card?

    • See Mrs. Pam at the front office

Box Tops for Education

  • Each Box Top coupon is worth 10¢ for our school. Centennial can earn up to, but not more than, $20,000 cash per year (beginning on March 2 of every year) from the Clip program.
    It is easy to do! Just cut the label off of participating products and return to your child's teacher or drop them off in the collection box by the Volunteer Check-in table near the front entrance of the school. Please neatly trim the coupon and make sure the expiration date is showing and valid.
    Box Top
    Click here for bonus offers and coupons from Box Tops for Education.

Cash 4 caps

  • This a Morning Fresh Dairy program where schools can earn cash by collecting caps from Morning Fresh Dairy glass bottles. Turn in your clean caps to your child's teacher. Each cap can be redeemed for $.05 and can be spent any way the school would like. Last year we earned $222!!
    Caps 4 Cash
    Click here to learn more about Morning Fresh Dairy.

Cartridges for Kids

  • Cartridges for Kids (CFK) is a recycling program that pays schools cash for:
    • Cell phones
    • PDA's
    • Laser & inkjet cartridges
    • Laptops
    • MP3 players
    • Digital cameras

    Just turn these items in to the front office or a Cartridges for Kids deposit box throughout the school and earn money for recycling!


    Please note that some items (like printers) actually cost a fee for CFK to recycle. Please do not bring these items to school as it will cost us money to dispose of them.
    Click here for more information of what products Cartridges for Kids accepts for Recycling.