Sally Runions

Sally Runions (LHS IB Class of 2011)

  • Current Location:

         Fort Collins, CO

    Higher Education Degree(s)

         B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, CSU, 2015

         M.S. in Public Communication Technology, CSU, 2018

    Current Profession:

         Graduate Research Assistant

    Working At:

         Colorado State University

    LinkedIn Site:

    How IB Has Affected My Life:

         IB gave me a foundation on which to build. It taught me how to think, not what to think, which is an important distinction, especially in today's world. This skill has been helpful in basically everything I've done since IB: earning a B.S.M.E., communicating with people from vastly different backgrounds than mine, deciding what I want to do with my life, etc. Knowing how to think has been especially helpful in problem-solving, too, which was extremely important as an undergraduate in an engineering major, but is also helpful in all other aspects of my life. I'm really glad I went through the IB programme at LHS and built such a strong foundation for myself (with help from my teachers and fellow students, of course!).