• LHS IB Alumni Homepage

     Welcome! Gathered here you'll find key resources related to our LHS IB Alumni and the worldwide IB Alumni network. These resources are meant for current LHS IB students, LHS IB Alumni themselves, and anyone interested in seeing what our IB alumni have been up to since graduating from LHS. 
    LHS IB Alumni Directory: this page has a searchable directory of LHS IB Alumni, with details such as college attended, where they are now, and contact information. 
    LHS IB Alumni Events: this page has details about upcoming and past IB Alumni events, such as reunion dinners, luncheons, meetings between alumni and current students, etc. 
     IB Organization Graduate Site: this is a link to the official IBO website for IB graduates, which has links to join the official, worldwide IB graduate network (students who will graduate IB within 2 years are also encouraged to join), and a way to be featured on the IB community blog.