• Fun & Fitness Day is an exciting day filled with students moving from one activity to the next.  Students are encouraged to get their bodies moving!  You are invited to our Create-A-Game Fun and Fitness Day held during the month of May.  Students will be participating in many different activities/events that they choose to play in, or not! We highlight the choices, both good and bad, and how to learn from those choices every day in physical education. Our 5th grade classes will be taking ownership of the day and leading activities, which they have created for everyone! 
    Students are expected to wear appropriate clothing which includes PE shoes and exercise clothing.  There will be several water games so please discourage your student from wearing white t-shirts.  And PLEASE no swimsuits or sandals.  REMEMBER, to bring a water bottle and to use sunscreen.  Spectators may want to bring along a lawn chair or blanket. We look forward to seeing you!
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