• Welcome to Kindergarten


    All elementary schools (except for High Plains School) will be open for new student registration support and documentation drop-off beginning July 31, during the school’s regular hours. On Wednesday, August 1, 2018, elementary schools will be open for extended hours, from 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

    NOTE: New students to the district: Bring proof of residence, birth certificate, immunization records, and previous school records if not uploaded during online registration.

    Entrance age

    A child may enter kindergarten if five years old on or before October 1 of the year of enrollment. Children who do not meet the district's entrance age requirement for kindergarten may be accepted if transferring from another kindergarten program, if the principal or designee determines that placement of the child in kindergarten is appropriate. A child four years old on or before the district's start date for Kindergarten and identified as a highly gifted student, in accordance with applicable state law, may enroll if the early entrance committee determines that placement of the child is appropriate.

    Kindergarten Options

    Thompson schools have several options for children attending kindergarten including: half-day (free) and full-day (tuition). The options available can be viewed on the "Kindergarten Options By School" page.

    Immunizations required by Colorado state law – Kindergarten






    may enter with 4 doses if #4 was given at/after age 4.



    may enter with 3 doses if #3 was given at/after age 4. 




    Hepatitis B



    Varicella /Chickenpox


    2 doses at least 28 days apart (prefer 3 mo. apart) - or history of disease by health provider, or lab test. 

    Please note: If your child cannot receive an immunization for medical reasons, an MD, DO, APN or PA must sign a Medical Exemption. Colorado also allows parents to submit a Non-Medical Exemption (religious or personal belief) with a parent/guardian signature. Please go to www.colorado.gov/vaccineexemption to obtain an exemption form and for guidance on the frequency of submission of exemptions.

    Determine your school of enrollment

    To learn about your attendance boundary and determine your child’s home-address school, please access our school locator .

    Enrollment options and before-and-after-school care

    All of our elementary schools offer an all-day kindergarten program in addition to half-day programs based on enrollment numbers. Also, some elementary schools offer before- and after-school care. Please refer to the chart below to determine exactly what programs are offered at each school. Please contact the school directly for more specific information regarding times and tuition requirements.


    For eligible students, transportation is provided one way for half-day kindergarten programs and round trip is provided for full-day programs with the exception of schools within walk zones.

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