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    1. online registration application
    1. After the online registration application is processed, you receive an automated email and information about the next steps to completing enrollment. If you did not provide an email at the time of registration you will be contacted by our Central Registration Office.

    Online Registration Troubleshooting

    Please ensure you have disabled your browser's pop up blocker (support documentation), and that you have the latest version or prior version of Firefox, Chrome, or Safari or IE.  We also recommend that you clear your browser history (support documentation).  Once you enter your personal information you will receive an application number.  At this point the remainder of the application may launch in another tab or window within your browser.  You may need to hover over your browser icon to see where it is hiding or check all open tabs. Need support? 970-613-6877 or email:   onlineregistration@thompsonschools.org.
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  • Documentation Required

    Documents may be uploaded (per Board Policy JF) during online registration. If documents are NOT uploaded, you will need to provide a copy of these documents to your child's school.

    Proof of Residency

    • Land line phone bill
    • Utility bill
    • Lease or housing contract

    Birth Certificate or one of the following:

    • Adoption Certificate
    • Baptismal Certificate
    • Hospital Certificate
    • Passport

    Current immunization record and physical (per Board Policy JLCB-R)

    Help us create the most effective schedule for your student

    Please bring the following items at the time of your visit:
    • Current Report Card or Transcript
    • and if applicable:
    • Current IEP
    • 504
    • GT identification letter and assessments