• SOARS Logo

    SOARS is an alternative education program run by the Thompson R2-J School District, and as of the 2012-2013 School Year is now based at Ferguson High School (FHS).  It caters to Juniors and Seniors who have chosen not to pursue their education at a regular high school within the District.  Learning is conducted using online software and is driven entirely by the student The Program is accessed in our two computer labs at Ferguson High School.  SOARS also offers an opportunity for home-schooled students to enhance their curriculum by learning in a classroom environment with a certified teacher, where we can assist with math and science instruction.

    Goals of the SOARS Program

    • To provide an alternative educational setting for students who choose not to return to their home high schools.  The goal for these students will depend on the students' educational plans.  Some possibilities are to acquire skills, test for a GED, or to prepare for additional training/education/certification.
    • To provide students an opportunity to repeat classes they failed in the traditional setting.  The goal is to return to graduate from their home high school.
    • To provide classes for students who are home-schooled to meet their need for enhanced curriculum.

    Benefits of the SOARS Program

    • Small Classes
    • Certified Teachers
    • Computerized Learning
    • Simple Enrollment
    • Customized curriculum designed to meet the needs of the individual student
    • Staff includes experienced Teachers, Counselor, and Administrator