Athletic Seasons

  • The athletic seasons for the 2020-2021 school year will follow the local, state and federal COVID-19 regulations. This could change the dates of the athletic seasons.  Please refer to the CHSAA website ( for high school athletic updates and middle school websites for middle school athletic updates.
     Middle school

    Volleyball September-October
    Volleyball Intramurals September-October
    Boys & Girls Cross Country September-October
    Boys & Girls Swimming September-October
    Boys Basketball November-December
    Boys Basketball Intramurals November-December
    Girls Basketball January-March
    Girls Basketball Intramurals  January-March
    Wrestling January-March
    Boys & Girls Track March-May

    The middle school athletic program seeks to balance traditional interscholastic competition with an expanded emphasis on intramurals so more students can participate. No return busing is provided from in-district middle school athletic events.

    High school

    Girls Softball* August-October
    Boys Football* August-November
    Boys Tennis August-October
    Boys Golf August-September
    Boys & Girls Cross Country August-October
    Girls Gymnastics* August-October
    Girls Volleyball* August-November
    Boys Soccer* August-October
    Boys Basketball* November-March
    Girls Basketball* November-March
    Boys Wrestling* November-March
    Girls Wrestling* November-March
    Girls Swimming* November-March
    Boys Swimming* February-May
    Boys & Girls Track February-May
    Baseball* February-May
    Girls Tennis February-May
    Girls Soccer* February-May
    Girls Golf February-May
    Boys Lacrosse* February-May
    Girls Lacrosse* February-May

    *Admission is charged for these events.

    Please note:
    All high school students are eligible to participate in athletic programs that are not offered at their home high school. Homeschooled students may participate in athletic programs at the middle school and high school level as long as they meet the same eligibility requirements as Thompson School District students.