Attention All High School Juniors

  • Attention All High School Juniors


    Thompson School District, in accordance with state and federal law, authorizes the release of names and addresses of students to Armed Forces recruiting officers.


    The recruiting services have requested this information in order to inform students about scholarship programs, tuition assistance and other educational and vocational training opportunities available from the military. Service in any branch of the Armed Forces is an employment and educational alternative that high school graduates have today. Federal, state and district regulations specify that the name and address of your son or daughter will be released to the recruiting services unless you notify your high school in writing to the contrary.


    The district will periodically inform high school students and their parents of the right to request that the district not release their information or that of their son or daughter to military recruiters. After a student or parent makes a request not to release information, the district will not release that student's information to military recruiters unless and until it receives subsequent parental consent to release such information.

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