Start and Release Times for 2019 - 2020

  • The shift to new start times is a powerful approach in supporting an optimal learning experience for students. Utilizing input from the TSD community as well as findings from the most recent science, the new schedule optimizes the opportunity for students to obtain adequate sleep and learn during times when their brains are most awake. A few of the many benefits noted from adequate sleep include: increased memory & learning, increased attention, improved emotional regulation and enhanced mental health/well-being (American Psychological Association).

    The shift in start times for secondary schools will align school schedules to the biological sleep rhythms of adolescents, whose sleep-wake cycles begin to shift up to two hours later at the start of puberty (American Academy of Pediatrics). The ideal amount of sleep for adolescents is at least 9 hours/night, and approximately 10-11 hours/night. for younger students

    Below are several articles that discuss the impact of sleep, as well as a few tips to assist your children with the back-to-school transition.

    School Start Times for Adolescents (American Academy of Pediatrics)
    Later School Start Times (National Sleep Foundation)


    Sleep Tips for Teens (National Sleep Foundation)
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