• Innovative Technology Services (ITS)

    Dr. Matt Kuhn
    Chief Technology Officer - Innovative Technology Services
    ITS Personnel

    Empowering the TSD community to grow into the future with innovative technology today.


    The ITS division's mission is to provide, support, and coordinate the best possible technology for productivity, learning, and school improvement.


    ITS is responsible for planning, implementing, and supporting technology across the district including student devices, staff computers, instructional applications, business software, classroom projection systems, telecommunications, network infrastructure and more. The department also assists the Learning Services Department with improving instructional technology pedagogy in coordination with each school's leadership. 

    Technical Support:

    The ITS Help Desk is a Web-based service request system for staff members of the Thompson School District to enter and track their service requests for technology or software support. For technical support, call (970) 613-7777 or submit an ITS Help Desk Ticket.

    ITS 2019 Summer Progress Update:

Latest Tech News

  • Special Project Grants Application Open from InnEdCO

    Our state ISTE affiliate organization, Innovative Education Colorado (InnEdCO), is pleased to accept applications for the 2020 Special Project Grant. This is a classroom/school level grant. See https://www.innedco.org/special-project-grants/ to apply. Contact ITS if you would like help with your application. 

    Evaluation Criteria:  

    • The application includes at least 2 - 3 clear digital age teaching and learning outcomes which are aligned to the proposal goals.
    • Outcomes reflect how they intend to use funds secured from the grant. 
    • The special project outcomes are reasonable for the number of students impacted by the grant.
    • The applicant demonstrates the ability to deliberately plan for and implement the special project with one school year as well as include measures to  monitor the successful completion of the grant proposal.
    • The proposal includes one or more of the ISTE Student and/or Educator Standards. Strong ISTE standard alignment is highly regarded.
    • Refer to the use of highly effective instructional practices within the curricula. (Schmoker, Growth Mindset, Hattie’s Research etc)
    • Clearly explain how and with whom they will collaborate to ensure the success of this proposal.
    • The special project could be used as a model or replicated by others in their grade level or subject area, school or organization. It may also relate to some aspect of school or grade level planning.
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  • Google Sheets Free Training

    You can learn how to organize information and analyze data using the Getting Started with Google Sheets course now available on Coursera. This course is ideal for users who are new to Sheets or students looking to sharpen their analytical skills.

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  • How Does Staff Get a New Computer?

    Each Spring, an inventory survey is conducted to determine staff eligibility for the replacement cycle to replace about 1/5th of the staff fleet. The survey will determine who, at that time, has a computer older than 5 years old and is therefore eligible for replacement. This is a 80/20% arrangement for staff computer replacements where ITS pays 80% and the supervisor's budget pays 20%. For new or transferring staff, the process is a little different and is found at https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1HZsCwF1UhwzWOsywTduQkSvSnqR_052D1DHtcf181TE/edit.

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