Medications at School

  • Medication Procedure

    Thompson School District, in accordance with Colorado State Law, has enacted the following Medication Procedure:

    1.   All prescription medication dispensed from the health office (by a person who has been trained by the School Nurse to do so) must:
      • be in an appropriate pharmacy labeled container.
      • be accompanied by a “Permission for Medication” form that includes the health care provider signature (medical doctor or other entity with prescriptive authority in the State of Colorado), dispensing information, and parent signature (completed “Permission for Medication” forms faxed from the health care provider will be accepted).
      • In accordance with state mandates, medication must be given prior to the medication expiration date. No expired medications can be accepted by or administered at the school or at school sponsored activities.
    NOTE: Over-the-counter medication given by health office or other district staff must be treated like a prescription medication.
    1.   Students in middle and high school may carry prescription inhalers, Epi-Pens, and/or other emergency medications on their person and self-administer these as needed; once they have the completed the “Permission for Medication” form and a “Medication-Carry Contract” which will be kept on file in the health office. Students in elementary school must have written permission from a health care provider to carry prescription inhalers and/or other emergency medications on their person in addition to the “Permission for Medication” and “Medication-Carry Contract” and must be able to demonstrate an ability to follow all the provisions of the “Medication-Carry Contract”. This contract can be revoked for any student at any time by the school nurse for failure to follow the provisions of the contract.
    2.   Students may carry over-the-counter medication (Tylenol, Advil, Tums, etc.) if they have it in the original container, carry only one day’s dose, and have a signed and dated note from the parent on their person. The student must self-administer this medication.
    3.   The Thompson R2J School District does not supply any student medication or stock any medication for student use (including EpiPens and Narcan). All medications are the property of the student’s parent and guardian and therefore must be supplied by the parent and ordered by the student’s Health Care Provider.
    4.   For safety reasons, it is requested that parents personally deliver medications to the health office. Once a medication has been discontinued or on or before the last day of the school year for students, the parent must come to the health office to pick up the unused portion of medication. All medication that remains in the health office after students are out of school will be destroyed, unless the parent has made alternate arrangements with health office staff.