Substituting in Thompson School District

  • Thank you for your interest in substituting for Thompson School District. Substitute teachers are a very important part of our district, as are our Classified substitutes. District substitutes are defined as Licensed, Classified and sometimes both.

    A Licensed Substitute replaces the regular classroom teacher in the event of his or her absence.The substitute must hold a 3 or 5 year Colorado Substitute authorization or a valid Colorado Teaching license (Professional and Initial licenses are accepted).

    Colorado law states that in Colorado one must hold a Colorado Teaching License or a Colorado Substitute Authorization in order to be a substitute for a licensed position. Both are issued by the Colorado Department of Education. For further information or to receive the appropriate licensing application, please contact the Colorado Department of Education at 303.866.6628 or access the website at Please note the licensing process can take twelve to sixteen weeks to complete, we recommend applying early.

    A Classified Substitute replaces many classroom para positions, clerical, and student support positions in our schools. No teaching license is required.

    The application process to become a substitute employee within Thompson School District requires applicants to complete the following steps.

    • Acquire or hold an appropriate license where applicable (licensed substitute)
    • Complete the application process
    • Complete interview process
    • Complete necessary paperwork, including a background check and fingerprinting upon hiring.

    Current substitutes
    Current substitutes have access to Absence Management (800-942-3767) or online at Absence Management. This accessibility allows substitutes to review current assignments, available jobs, personal information and allow canceling of a job when necessary.