• COVID-19: Return to routine disease control model in schools

    Students and staff should stay home when sick. Report any illness or positive tests to the school attendance line or your supervisor (as you would with any other illness: Flu, Strep, etc.) and return to school or work when all symptoms are improving and fever, vomiting, and diarrhea free for 24 hours without the use of medication. 

    Testing is recommended for anyone with COVID-like symptoms.

    Refer to How Sick is Too Sick for additional information on symptoms, common illnesses, and when to stay home.

    If students or staff test positive for COVID:

    • Must isolate at home for 5 days from symptom onset or test date if asymptomatic. 

    • Return on day 6 as long as all symptoms are improving and fever, vomiting, and diarrhea free for 24 hrs without the use of medication. 

    • Continue to mask for 5 more days after returning to school/work.

    • Staff, please report positive tests and your return dates to your supervisor 


    Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment guidance for Isolation and Quarantine.


Return Date Calculator

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  • Testing Information

    At-Home COVID-19 Tests: 

    • At-home rapid tests are available from your school's health office by request. Tests are also available at the Thompson School District Administration building front desk. (while supplies last)(as supplies last)


    Order 4 Free Test Kits Here


    Primary Care Providers:

    • Most local doctor's offices offer rapid testing for symptomatic persons. Doctor visit fees may apply.



    • Walgreens and King Soopers both have availability for next-day appointments. Some options do not require parents to accompany children, just signed online consent. Some fees apply, but most are waived.


    Follow the link below for a complete list of Larimer County testing options and sign-up links.


    COVID-19 Testing in Larimer County


    Thompson School District continues to work with State and County Health departments to meet current health guidelines.  


    Additional Resources

    Covid-19 Vaccine information

    Larimer County COVID-19 Dashboard

    Colorado Dept of Health and Environment - COVID-19