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    The Human Resource Department of Thompson School District offers opportunities to those interested in maintaining high professional standards and serving students. If this sounds like you, we invite you to consider working with us. As a district serving approximately 16,000 students and the largest employer in Loveland, with more than 2,000 full and part-time employees, we encourage qualified candidates to apply for open positions.

    We assist principals and administrators in selecting talented and highly qualified individuals who are committed to providing the best educational opportunities for students. Our teachers, administrators, professional/technical, and classified staff are dedicated individuals whose day-to-day activities contribute to the quality education and services our students receive. Their concern for, and commitment to, children is unequaled.

    Human Resources is responsible for employee relations, compensation, benefits, risk management, licensing and highly qualified compliance, and new employee orientation. We develop and communicate sound policies and procedures that balance the needs of employees and the needs of the district while ensuring compliance with federal and state law. We follow human resource best practices and seek innovative human resource solutions.

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