• Students

    Welcome to the “FAQ” pages for Thompson School Distict’s 2020-2021 Back-To-School planning process. Additional questions and answers will be posted on these pages as we move forward in welcoming students back this Fall. Thank you as always for your continued support.

  • Students who take the online option, will meals be available to those students?

  • Will hot lunch be available to our students this year?

  • We submitted a transportation application. When will we know if it's been accepted and transportation has been approved for our child?

  • For children who use the virtual option but qualify for free/reduced lunch, will there be any kind of program to help them have food stability?

  • Will food service be provided on school campuses?

  • Will students and staff be able to access water bottle-fillers that have already been installed in schools?

  • Will community volunteers be allowed to work on campuses?