• Elementary Students

    Welcome to the “FAQ” pages for Thompson School Distict’s 2020-2021 Back-To-School planning process. Additional questions and answers will be posted on these pages as we move forward in welcoming students back this Fall. Thank you as always for your continued support.

  • What will the grading practices be for remote learning?

  • For students who open enroll, will they get to keep their spot if they select the online option?

  • Are students still enrolled in their school if they opt for the online option this semester/year?

  • Will high school students be able to take the classes they registered for in February?

  • For students who select a 100% on-line educational model, will there be some form of a review done after classes are registered to ensure they will meet the requirements for graduation?

  • There is a volunteer hour requirement for TSD students to graduate. How will that be handled given the current environment and potential lack of opportunities in the community?

  • How will the new requirements to demonstrate readiness to graduate that were expected to be in place this year (SAT benchmarks, etc.) be handled in both the in-person and online models?

  • If my HS student chooses in-person, would he be able to switch to online for the spring term, or would he be locked in to in-person all year?

  • What if I filled out a survey before the August 9th deadline but have now changed my mind on which educational option I would like to choose?

  • Is there a possibility that Kindergarten will be offered half days?

  • If I choose in-person learning and the class/school gets closed down so that in-person is not an option, then what? Can my children join the online teaching program or will it be the in-person staff doing online learning?

  • Will the platforms for in-person and online be the same? If someone gets sick, will they be able to work from home without missing content?

  • Do all of the students in a household have to select the same option (online vs. in-person)?

  • Will there be any opportunity for the children doing the online choice to have socialization with other kids or participate in extracurricular activities?

  • When my family chooses to return to in-person instruction or a full on-line model, does that decision last for the entire school year? Or can it be changed?