• Focus Area 2
    Inclusive and Supportive Culture

    Teacher leans down to help elementary school student with math homework

    Thompson School District believes in school and administrative campuses that foster a welcoming environment, a feeling of hope, a sense of belonging and a safe environment where students, families, staff and community members will feel supported and comfortable in their growth.

  • Strategic Goal

    By 2025, as measured by survey results, TSD will increase by 10% the number of students, staff, parents and community members who “strongly agree” or “agree” that they feel welcomed, safe and supported.

    Indicators of Success

    • Attendance Participation
    • School Safety
    • Involvement of diverse stakeholders and community
  • What We Will Use to Measure Our Progress

    Student and Staff Attendance at School
    Student, Family and Community Participation in School Events and Activities
    Perception Surveys
    Student Referral and Discipline Data
    Training in Safety and Response Protocols
    Implementation of Crisis Plans / Drills
    Engagement of Student Resource Officers in Schools
    Counselor Caseload and Types of Student Interactions
  • Challenges

    • Address existing infrastructure to promote safety of students and staff
    • Inequities exist in the experiences of our culturally, racially, linguistically, economically and cognitively diverse students
    • Connect authentically with students, families, and community


    • Develop, implement, monitor and evaluate professional learning opportunities related to social, emotional, behavioral learning and safety protocols
    • Develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate District Standard Operating Protocols for School Safety and Facilities
    • Implement, monitor, and evaluate district family and community engagement plans

Desired Outcomes and Progress

As presented to Board of Education on February 1, 2023

Ensure learning environments support a positive culture and climate.


Increasing Dual Language Immersion program to Middle School Level.

Strong and award winning FFA program.

Strong 2021-22 Thompson Career Campus pathway enrollment and completion rates.

industry and college certificates earned
high school credit hours
college credits
saved in tuition
enrollment rate
completion rate

Staff are culturally responsive to the changing demographics of the district.

Hosted professional development for principals and staff in culturally responsive Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), attendance reporting and family engagement.

Launched 2022-23 year with speaker, Dr. Pedro Noguera. Received 1,022 staff responses from all Thompson School District schools and Early Childhood.

Fall 2022 Teacher and Staff Climate Survey Results

Favorable staff perceptions of the overall social and learning climate of the school.

Favorable staff perceptions of student physical and psychological safety at school.

Favorable staff perceptions of faculty and staff relationships with school leaders.

Ensure all stakeholders are engaged in effective two-way communication through a wide variety of strategies.

Incorporated communication in additional languages, including Russian and Pashto.

Increased the use of technology for translation.

Expanded family and community engagement through Board of Education and small group forums.

Ensure all facilities are welcoming, safe, inclusive, and meet the needs of students, staff, and community.

Mental Health Co-Responder Team stands in front of Mountain View High School

Co-Responder Team Bridges Mental Health Gap for Youth in Thompson School District

Created the Co-Responder program, which has responded to 40+ needs since January, providing mental health support to students.

Enact the Educational Equity Policy.

Coordination with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion department to identify areas of support or need.


Ninety-one percent of staff are compliant with Title IX training through Public School Works.

Senior Cabinet work on implementing action steps for all focus areas of the Equity Implementation Plan.