• Focus Area 1
    Student Achievement

    Elementary student wearing headphones prepares to take a writing assessment

    Thompson School District is dedicated to preparing each and every student for life beyond the walls of our schools. Thompson School District staff focus on educating “the whole child,” helping to ensure that students are able to demonstrate their learning in meaningful ways and move forward in life as healthy and strong individuals.

  • Strategic Goal

    By 2025, Thompson School District will move from a rating of “Accredited” to a rating of “Accredited with Distinction” as measured by the State of Colorado’s District Performance Framework.

    Indicators of Success

    • Academic outcomes
    • Student wellness
    • Opportunities for a well-rounded education
  • What We Will Use to Measure Our Progress

    District Assessments
    State Assessments
    Graduation Rate
    Drop-Out Rate
    Course Participation
    Participation in Extracurricular and Curricular Activities
    Kindergarten Readiness
    Participation in Early Childhood Opportunities
    College Enrollment and Persistence
    Career Placement
    Having a Variety of Pathways Available to Students
    Social-Emotional and Behavioral Data
  • Challenges

    • Manage changes to content standards and other requirements by the Colorado Department of Education
    • Adapt to an ever changing technological, social, and global environment
    • Achievement and growth gaps exist for our culturally, racially, linguistically, economically and cognitively diverse students


    • Evaluate assessment data to identify and address achievement and growth targets of individual students
    • Deliver, monitor, and evaluate instructional programs and services
    • Deliver, monitor, and evaluate social, emotional, behavioral, and physical programs and services
    • Provide modern and equitable access to instructional technology to educators and students

Desired Outcomes and Progress

As presented to Board of Education on February 1, 2023

Eliminate disparities in student achievement, growth, graduation, behavioral outcomes and educational opportunities in student groups

Graduation data gaps between student groups have been narrowed.

Areas of grades 1-8 literacy growth and achievement have been narrowed between groups (see Student Achievement Graphs).

English Learner Proficiency exceeded expectations on District Performance Framework.

i-Ready Winter Placement Distribution


Next Steps

  • Continue to study trends in gaps between disaggregated student groups and address needs.
  • Targeted interventions for Tier 2 Support will continue.
  • New curriculum for math to support excellent math instruction.
  • English Language arts curriculum alignment across secondary grades.

All students reading at grade level by the end of third grade

Middle of year i-Ready data show an increase on grade level reading abilities in grades 1-8.

100% of K-5 teachers trained in 45-hour Science of Reading PD with a 100% passing rate.

i-Ready Reading Beginning of Year Overall Placement

i-Ready Reading Middle of Year Overall Placement

Next Steps

Continued support for early literacy instruction, intervention, and evaluation.

All students graduating on time (4 year graduation rate)

Graduation rate has increased each year for the past 5 years, from 84.8% to 87.6%.

Largest gain seen in at-risk students (36.1% to 53.7%)
Ferguson High School has also seen improvements in their completion rates over time which includes 4, 5, 6, and 7-year graduates including those who obtain their G.E.D.

On-Time Graduation Rates

Next Steps

Continue to provide professional development and school-based opportunities that will positively impact student and family engagement, attendance rates, and on-time graduation.