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    Department of

    Language, Culture, and Equity


    Maria Gabriel

    María Gabriel, Ph.D.
    Language, Culture, and Equity


    Administrative Assistant

    Megan Edmiston

    Megan Edmiston, Ed.D.
    English Language Development

    Carol Swalley

    Carol Swalley, Ed.D.
    Gifted and Talented

    Julie Sullivan

    Julie Sullivan
    Teacher on
    Special Assignment

    Michelle Stout

    Michelle Stout
    Parent Liaison
    Gifted and Talented

    Per Thompson School District’s Educational Equity Policy, "The District is committed to providing safe, inclusive, and supportive learning and work environments in which students, staff, families, and our community’s diversity are recognized, honored, and respected, thereby creating a strong sense of belonging, so that each individual can achieve their goals.”

    The Language, Culture, and Equity Department is committed to ensuring equity, access, and opportunity to culturally responsive high-level academic opportunities, behavior supports, and co-curricular activities to increase achievement for each student.

    We honor inclusive and supportive school and community cultures by our focused support of English Language Development (ELD), Gifted Education (GT), equity and diversity programming, and TSD community learning and professional growth.