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    Healthy, Safe, Ready to Learn

    Welcome to the Health Services Department, where caring for students is our number one priority.

    Health services in the Thompson School District are aligned with the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model to provide evidence-based, clinically-competent, quality care. Our nurses recognize that each student has unique health and safety needs that require an integrated, collaborative approach to address barriers and supports related to learning and health.

    School health offices are staffed by highly-trained health assistants who are trained and supervised by school nurses. School nurses are regularly scheduled at multiple school sites and partner with parents and health care providers to design and implement the health services provided to all students.

    Essential School Health Services Provided by School Nurses
    to All Thompson School District Students:

    • Ensure mandated school health services in the educational environment
    • Identify students with health needs requiring modifications or accommodations in the school setting or during school sponsored events and activities
    • Obtain and interpret student health data in child find roles, for IEP assessments and 504 accommodation plans
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