• Nutrition Services

    Lisa Kendall

    Lisa Kendall
    Director, Nutrition Services

    Personnel in Nutrition Services

    Thompson School District's Nutrition Services team serves approximately 10,000 meals each day, including about 250,000 pounds of fresh produce annually.

    The district serves meals that meet students’ nutritional requirements (1/3 at lunch and 1/4 at breakfast). A registered dietitian and chef create Thompson School District’s breakfast and lunch menus according to high-quality standards including fresh fruit and vegetables at every meal; locally grown produce whenever possible; milk that is rbST and hormone free; menu choices that emphasize whole grains, natural meats, beans or fish; no fried foods or foods containing trans fat; and reusable, biodegradable and recyclable serving materials wherever possible.

    The Nutrition Services department welcomes comments and input. We invite parents and visitors to join students and staff members for a meal any day. Please contact the school in advance to reserve a meal. For more information on our program or to see menus, please visit the Nutrition Services website or call 970-613-5146.