• STEMS Second and Third Grade

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    Art and the World Around Us
    Art consumes us and with it, we can better understand the world. Students explore how art is created in context of the world around them while utilizing nature to explore artistic shape and pattern. Students will explore many different artistic mediums and learn the basics of art while simultaneously discovering how science, technology, engineering, and math can inspire and enhance artwork.
    Session I: June 5-9 repeats Session II: June 12-16 9am-12pm $85
    Let's Get Energized!
    Using the Get Energized! Energy Science Kit developed and created at Colorado State University, and other Energy Kits made available from CSU, we will develop a better understanding of Renewable Energy, including: batteries, wind turbines, solar cars, and reducing our electrical usage. Your Teacher will be one of the creators of the Get Energized! Kit! Let s have fun with ENERGY!
    Session I: June 5-9 repeats Session II: June 12-16 9am-12pm $85
    Brain Games
    All you need is a brain! We will do puzzles, brain teasers, optical illusions, other fun brain games, and have brain food. This class will promote creative and cognitive thinking, develop problem-solving skills and help build memory, attention and focus in a fun and stimulating way.
    Session I: June 5-9 repeats Session II: June 12-16 9am-12pm $95
    Dive Into Spanish
    Want to learn some Spanish? Register for this Spanish immersion week where you will participate in conversations, singing cultural songs, learning new dances from Spanish-speaking countries, making cultural artworks, reading stories and participating in little skits in Spanish. You will even do some math and science in Spanish.
    Session I: June 5-9 9am-12pm $85
    Incredible Edible Science Experiments
    Come join me to explore the wacky world of science in the kitchen! My name is Anita Butters and I will be your teacher for this fun-filled summer session. I have my Master's Degree in Science, I am a gourmet cook, Wilton Cake decorator and baker. I am also a world traveler, which has exposed me to a variety of new recipes and cooking techniques. This week will be jam packed with titillating experiments such as, color changing titrations, making salt and sugar crystals, cosmic osmosis, making rubber bones, edible food and drinks, and many other surprises, most of which you will get to take home and wow your family and friends! Do not miss out on this week of learning, friendship and fun!
    Session I: June 5-9 repeats Session II: June 12-16 9am-12pm $85
    Pawn Stars
    While it is known as the game of Kings, chess is as much about pawns as it is about the King. This week of fun is designed for all skill levels; from those who have never played to those who are seasoned tournament players. We will have lessons, play games, design strategies and compete in a Swiss-system tournament. We will learn and then play speed chess, pawn wars, bughouse and tournament chess during the week and every student will go home with their own tournament rated chess set to play with at home.
    Session I: June 5-9 9am-12pm $95