Student Support Services

  • The primary functions of Student Support Services include oversight of the Safety and Belonging Strand of the strategic plan, services for students who are gifted and talented, services for English as a second language learners, the office of Equity and Diversity and educational options for students. Student support services accomplish this with the help of counselors and staff in schools with specialized trainings in these areas. Student Support Services also helps schools implement bully proofing initiatives, crisis preparedness and response planning, character education, truancy prevention, drug and alcohol education and the positive behavior support initiative. Student Support Services also serves as the liaison to community groups that address similar issues.

  • CAPS Program (Child Assault Protective Skills)
    Contact number 613-6081
    A 5-unit instructional program designed to teach elementary school children, in a very positive way, skills that will help keep them safe from personally harmful situations. The curriculum emphasizes child abuse and assault prevention and victim services and referrals.

    Contact number 613-5055
    Works with district counselors and supports them in their professional development needs.

    Diversity Council
    Contact number 613-6083
    Addresses two main areas:
    • Continue to build capacity and density of culturally responsive advocates and leaders
    • To share culturally responsive strategies, approaches and recommendations to the DAAC and BOE
    Homeless Students
    Contact number 613-6787
    Work with homeless families to ensure immediate enrollment of their children in school. Help arrange transportation to and from child’s school of origin. Ensure that homeless students receive services comparable to those received by housed school mates. Identify and eliminate barriers to school enrollment and attendance.

    PBS Program (Positive Behavior Support)
    Contact number 613-5068
    Establishes and maintains effective school environments that maximize the academic achievement and behavioral competence of all learners in Colorado.\pbs

    Psychological Response Team (PRT)
    Contact number 613-6173
    Psychological Response Team provides each and every person in the district affected by a crisis with mental health support, education and assistance.

    Gifted and Talented
    Contact number 613-5058
    The Gifted and Talented Program in Thompson School District is structured to meet the unique, high ability learning needs of students so that they may realize their "lives of great promise." It is based on referral for consideration and subsequent assessment. The Thompson School District working definition of gifted and talented aligns with the State of Colorado definition which identifies gifted and talented children as "those persons whose abilities, talents, and potential for accomplishment as so exceptional or developmentally advanced that they require special provisions to meet their educational needs." Gifted and talented students are capable of high performance, exceptional production, or exceptional learning behavior by virtue of any or a combination of the following areas:
    • General or specific intellectual ability
    • Specific academic aptitude
    • Creative or productive thinking
    • Leadership and human relations abilities
    • Visual arts, performing arts, spatial or musical abilities
    ELA (English Language Acquisition Services)
    Contact number 613-6083
    English Language Acquisition provides programs for students who are not fluent in English. See ELA, Department of Leadership Development.

    The English Language Acquisition (ELA) Department serves students who have Limited English skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing and speak a language other than English in their homes.

    The ELA Program’s primary goal is to develop English language learners’ English skills to support academic achievement towards the ultimate goal of high school graduation.

    Migrant Program
    Contact Number 613-5022
    Thompson School District’s Migrant program is a federally funded program that is administered through the Federal Entitle Programs and ELA Department. The Migrant Program provides supplemental supports to migrant students such as summer school, after school tutoring, parent outreach, family literacy nights, and connections to community resources.