Department Staff Directory

  • Below are personnel in the Facilities building. Visit the Directory Search page for a more complete list of personnel in the department.

    The district's official mailing address for all department & program correspondence is listed below.

    Thompson School District Administration Office
    800 South Taft Avenue
    Loveland CO 80537
    Phone: 970-613-5000
    Fax: 970-613-5095


    Title Name 970 area code Email
    Director Matthew Throop 613-5364
    Secretary Allie Schetrom 613-5353
    Accounting Susan Friede 613-5352
    Department Secretary Danica Smeltzer 613-6581
    Environmental Specialist Kristen Battige 613-5381
    Facility Services Manager Brian Uhlenbrock 613-5359
    Facility Use Coordinator Leah Howard 613-5351
    Grounds Manager Trever Holoun 613-5374
    Project Manager Zach Chambers 613-5382
    Resource Manager Brett Dowgin 613-5380