PBIS Triangle  
    (Positive Behavioral Intervents & Support)
    Van Buren Elementary is a PBIS School.
    "As Van Buren Panthers we Respect, we Respond, we Relate.
    We are Van Buren Panthers!"
    Through PBIS we can effectively teach appropriate behavior to all children.  All PBIS practices are founded on the assumption and belief that all children can exhibit appropriate behavior.  As a result, it is our responsibility to identify the contextual setting events and environmental conditions that enable exhibition of appropriate behavior.  We then must determine the means and systems to provide those resources.
    PBIS intervenes early.  It is best practiced to intervene before targeted behaviors occur.  If we intervene before problematic behaviors escalate, the interventions are much more manageable.  Highly effective universal interventions in the early stages of implementation which are informed by time sensitive continuous progress monitoring, enjoy strong empirical support for their effectiveness with at-risk students.

    PBIS Behavioral Expectations - The primary prevention of positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) consists of rules, routines, and physical arrangements that are developed and taught by school staff to prevent initial occurrences of behavior the school would like to target for change.  For example, a school team may determine that disrespect for self, others, and property is a set of behaviors they would like to target for change.  They may choose the positive reframing of that behavior and make that one of their behavioral expectations.  Respect Yourself, Others, and Property would be one of their behavioral expectations.  Research indicates that 3-5 behavioral expectations that are positively stated, easy to remember, and significant to the climate are best. At the end of the year, a researcher should be able to walk into the school and ask ten random students to name the behavioral expectations and 80% or better of the students should be able to tell the researcher what they are and give examples of what they look like in action.

    PBIS - Replaces undesirable behavior with new behavior or skill; Alters the environment; Teaches appropriate skills; Acknowledges appropriate behavior; and is Proactive, Positive and Instructional.