• Thompson School District R2-J
    Infinite Campus Portal (Elementary)
    The Thompson School District is pleased to provide the “Campus Portal” to parents and guardians of elementary students.


    What is the Campus Portal?
    Portal provides real-time access to your student’s pertinent school information, such as school announcements and student attendance. Portal also allows you to select options for receiving various forms of communication from the school. The school district determines what information is and will be available on the Portal and reserves the right to change availability of information without notice.


    How do I obtain a Portal account?
    In order to create your personal portal account, you will need your unique Person GUID, which serves as the Activation Key when you first go to the Portal. 


    Student name: STUDENT NAME Grade: 01 Homeroom: TEACHER
    Parent/Guardian Name: PARENT’S NAME
    Activation Key: {}
    Using the Activation Key above, you can set up your account by visiting the Thompson School District


    Campus Portal website:


    After you have successfully entered your Activation Key, you'll need to establish a user account by creating a User Name and Password. Both the User Name and Password must be a minimum of six characters. Once the account has been established, click on the link to log in or return to the original site identified above to log in. When you log in, you will see a series of links in the gray area along the left side and will then be able to view the information described below as well as finish setting up the preferences for your account. For assistance with your Campus Portal Account, contact Thompson School District Infinite Campus Support via phone at (970) 613-5102 or via email at rentportal@thompson.k12.co.us What if I already have a Portal account? Parent/Guardians of secondary students may already have a portal account. In this case, your elementary level student(s) information will appear with that account, and it is not necessary to create a new account.

    Using Campus Portal:
    The Family Link shows the members of the household. Be sure to review this information and contact your child’s school immediately of any additions or corrections. The accuracy of this information is the joint responsibility of the school, parents/guardians, and the student. This information should always be kept up to date!


    The Calendar Link below Family shows any attendance activity as well as a list of all your middle and high school students’ assignments that are due on any given day. The School Calendar Link directly below a student’s name will show information specific to only that student.
    The Schedule Link below each student lists the student’s classes. The email address for a teacher can be acquired by hovering over the envelope icon (Internet Explorer) or by right clicking on the teacher name and choosing “Copy Email Address” (Firefox) and may also be more readily available on your school’s website. Teachers may post classroom Newsletters on this view as well. Detailed information regarding the student’s grades is available for middle- and high-school students only. The Attendance Link below each student lists attendance activity specific to that child. All entries are organized by date and term and are color coded to indicate absence type. A term summary of absences and tardies is also available. The Assessment and Reports Links, when turned on, contain the student’s CSAP scores and report cards.


    The Change Account Info Link allows the user to change the password associated with this account.


    The Change Contact Info Link allows the user to change the email address associated with this account. This link is also important for setting your preferences to receive various types of communication from the school. The screenshot below shows the default settings. The Log Off Tool should always be used when you are finished viewing information on Campus Portal. This is the only way to securely end your connection to Portal.


    Browser Information:
    • Internet Explorer 7.0 and above and Firefox 3.0 and above are the browsers recommended for use with Campus Portal.
    • Internet Explorer should be set to “check for newer version of stored pages” on “every visit to the page”. This can be set under the Tools Menu> Internet Options>General Tab>Browsing History.
    • Firefox should be set to “always clear my private data when closing Firefox” at least for the cache. This can be set under the Tools Menu>Options>Privacy Tab>Private Data>Settings.