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    Our mission:


    To create respectful, affirming, and supportive environments within schools, to empower students to advocate for themselves and to support each other in the positive growth of their cultural awareness and self-identity. 


  • No Place for Hate

    No Place for Hate is about embracing the differences that make us unique! We talk about how to be an ally to stand up against bullying, racism and discrimination.  We meet on the 2nd Mondays of the month with schedules outside of Ms. Cook's office.

    We are passionate about engaging in discussion on how to be more inclusive and welcoming as a school!

    Come join our club as we would love to have more members and make more of an impact at Walt Clark!

    For more information contact sam.cook@tsd.org




  • Walt Clark's Book Club, sponsored by Mrs. Bebout. The book club is held weekly and students choose the novel and enjoy discussing themes and character choices.




    A virtual visit from Colorado's own Donna Cooner, author of "Worthy" and more! The students enjoyed asking Donna about her writing process, favorite novels she's written, and learning about the publication process.





    MATHCOUNTS provides engaging math programs to US middle school students of all ability levels to build confidence and improve attitudes about math and problem solving. We make learning math fun. We believe middle school is a critical juncture when a love of math must be encouraged, and a fear of math must be overcome. Our programs build problem solving skills and positive attitudes about math, so students embrace challenges and expand their academic and career opportunities in the future.

    For more information, contact patrick.sullivan@tsd.org



  • In Kids Who Care Club

    In Kids Who Care Club we focus on the importance of the environment. Our main purpose is to teach kids about littering, pollution, and climate change. Our mission is to educate kids on how to care for our Earth and fight climate change.

    For more information contact sam.cook@tsd.org