• Thirty Walt Clark students visited and participated with CSU students and professors.

    They focused on learning about soils of fire. They explored how carbon moves through the environments by analyzing 3 different soil samples from the 2020 Cameron Peak Fire and work to identify which sample was from an intensely burned area, a moderately burned area and an unburned area of the fire. Working with real scientist equipment, all students had a great learning experience!


    Our Walt Clark students submitted a written application to be chosen to attend the CSU LEARN lab field trip. Currently this lab works within the field of music therapy and is doing brain research using EEG caps.

    Students were able to see ongoing therapy sessions for people with Parkinson’s, learn about the brain from a professor and graduate students, and see the brain lab where EEG data is collected.

  • Our sixth graders toured the Reporter Herald facility Berthoud.

    They saw thousands of newspapers going through the press, and all of the details behind the printing process. They asked great questions and enjoyed learning!

  • Get Into the Guts of Healthcare
    8th Grade Field Trip - 10/18/22
    A group of interested 8th graders went to visit Front Range Community College's new medical addition to learn about the programs they have to offer in the medical field.  They also visited Thompson's own TCC Campus and their medical pathway.  Students explore healthcare careers through tours and interactive exhibits. They connected with health care professionals to ask questions and hear, first-hand, what the job entails.
    While at TCC, students learned how to: transfer a patient from bed to a wheelchair, measure a baby's head circumference, give vision impairment tests, feed a patient, and read vital signs. 
    Pizza for lunch was a bonus and the students had a great time while expanding their interest in and knowledge about healthcare professions.
  • City of Loveland's Wastewater Treatment Plant
    The seventh graders learned about the importance of conservation during our ecology field trip to the City of Loveland's wastewater treatment plant. The engineers and operators took through five different locations explaining the processes that happen at each part of the plant before the newly cleaned water is released back into the Big Thompson River.  The afternoon was spent at Fairgrounds park where students participated in different activities to learn more about ecology and the care of our ecosystems. 
  • AVID College Fair Visit:

    We had a great day exploring colleges and collecting college swag to expand our knowledge of education options in the future.  We visited the campus area of CU Denver, Metro State and Denver Community College  
    Some Quotes from Our Students:
    • Emory O. - It was fun, and hey, looks like I found the college I want to go to: UC - Denver
    • Jackson M. - I liked the trip because I saw a college I wanted to visit. We also got a plentiful supply of college swag.
    • Jade E. - I was glad I got to go today because seeing some of my options for colleges was a really cool experience.
    • Kylee K. - Today was great because I could see what my future might hold and also see what college is like.
    • Garret P. - It was fun because it let me know really what college I want to go to.
    • Kyla R. - I liked the trip because we got to learn about all kinds of schools. “We found out that if you join a military branch, it pays for college.”
  • 6th Grade Eco Week 

    We were very excited to offer a great opportunity for our 6th graders again.  Students had the opportunity to participate in activities such as water ecology, team building/challenge courses, outdoor living skills, hiking, roller skating, campfire songs, smores and more.   

    Our Outdoor Education program blends scientific inquiry with hands-on exploration, adventure, and team building activities.  Students had the opportunity to experience the beauty of our Rocky Mountains and create memories that will last for years to come.  The program aligns with Colorado State Content Standards as well as Walt Clark’s STEM focus. 


  • Walt Clark students had the opportunity to go to Lightning eMotors to participate in a stem field trip with 150 other students from around the area sponsored by the Denver Broncos, Lighting eMotors, and Ten80 Education. 


    On the trip they explored the systems of electric vehicles, used teamwork, and problem solving to create and race remote control cars. 


    Out of 24 student teams we had 2 teams from Walt Clark place in the top 4 qualifying them for an event at the Broncos stadium in Denver.