Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Aude Singleman

Aude (pronounced "Ode") is a French-native and recent transplant from the East Coast. She spent the last 11 years teaching French and Spanish to Grades K through 7 at Friends Seminary, a Quaker school in New York City. Prior to that, she got her feet wet teaching French and English at Berlitz Rockefeller Center for 3 years. Through her toddler-to-adult teaching experience, she developed a soft spot for beginners. Aude also got a taste of a true school setting at Manhattan Charter School where she taught elementary French during a 5-month leave replacement in 2009. Prior to moving to the United States, Aude had already developed a passion and ear for languages from a very young age. Aude's mom taught her the "language of generous patience". Aude's dad used the Beatles and Rolling Stones repertoire as lullabies. Aude's grandma planted the Spanish seed during summer trips to Spain. As a result, Aude dedicated most of her educational years to studying English and Spanish. She holds a dual English-Spanish Bachelor's Degree from Université Paul Valéry and took Master's courses at both Reading University and Université Paul Valéry. In her spare time, Aude enjoys riding her bike, gardening and learning new acronyms -- JK. Aude is super excited to join the community, and looks forward to learning and collaborating with new people.