• 2022-23 SY Choice Enrollment Round Two (CE R2)

    Choice Enrollment Round Two is open throughout the 2022-23 School Year. Please use the Choice Enrollment button below to complete a new CE application, press the Start/Login button, choose Option 2 to Create a Family Dashboard account. 

    Choice Enrollment

    Who is Eligible for CE R2?

    If you want your student K-12 to attend a school outside of your boundary area for the 2022/23 School Year and future years. 

    Round Two waitlist applications will be placed at the bottom of the Round One 2022/23 waitlist. If you applied for Round One, please do not apply during Round Two unless you want to add a different school request.

    If your student leaves their boundary area school to attend another school, they are required to Choice Enroll to return to their boundary school and will be placed on the applicable waitlist.

    When your submitted application status changes, you will receive an email with directions to log into your Family Dashboard and review the update of Waitlisted, Seat Offering or Denial. 

    The Scribbles program is not associated with Infinite Campus. Families will need to create a Scribbles Account.




    Processed Choice Enrollment Round One and Two results are available on the Scribbles Family Dashboard.

    The email address used for the Choice Enrollment application will receive an email with instructions on how to view updates.

       Log into your Family Dashboard