• Do you have COVID-19 questions? 

    You can reach the Thompson School District COVID-19 Coordinator at katie.odonnell@tsd.org or text at 970-698-1701. Please do not leave a voicemail, as it can take a few days to return all voicemails. 

  • TSD COVID-19 Dashboard

    Up until June 1, 2021, a school COVID-19 outbreak was designated when a school had 2 or more unrelated cases in a two-week period. As of June 1, an outbreak will be designated when there are 5 or more cases in a two-week period. Outbreak status means that health officials at the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment will more carefully monitor any cases at that school. The following schools are currently designated as outbreak locations. Please note that outbreak guidance can change if advised by the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment or the State of Colorado Department of Health and Environment. During an outbreak, Thompson School District may implement various mitigation techniques as advised by county officials. Mitigation strategies include the following:

    • Increased Sanitation Procedures
    • Universal Masking for Classrooms and Schools
    • Increased Physical Distancing Measures
    • High-Level School or Classroom Rapid Testing (schedule with school nurse)
    • Classroom Closures
    • Cancellation of Athletics and Activities

    General Safety Guidelines

    • Increased Sanitation Measures
    • Maximizing Physical Distancing
    • Increased Ventilation in Schools
    • Continued Partnership with the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment
    • Layered Approach to Outbreak Mitigation

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