Optional Chromebook Insurance

  • The enrollment period for this year has opened, and will be available until Friday, September 3.
    Thompson School District has partnered with One2One Risk Solutions to provide optional
    accident and loss protection for our district chromebooks. Registering with One2One and
    purchasing a damage waiver will protect you from the full cost of repair or replacement for your
    district-issued chromebook and limits your responsibility to a per-occurrence deductible (see
    below). The protection plan cost is $15 per device and covers the device through the end of the
    school year against accidental damage, cracked screens, fire, liquid damage, electrical surge
    and loss/theft (a loss/theft claim requires a police report for coverage). First incident has a zero
    deductible, second claim on the same device will be a $25 deductible, and the third claim will be
    a $50 deductible. A loss/theft claim without a police report will require the replacement cost of
    the device (this varies depending on the make/model of the device). If you want to take
    advantage of this optional insurance, please visit www.one2onerisk.com and select “Enroll My
    Device” to get started. Again, this is optional. You are not required to get this insurance. Please
    note, this offer is only for chromebooks. We have a 3-year warranty on iPad damage if it
    happens in its case, but no loss protection for iPads.

    Damage Waiver Cost - $15
    Accidental Damage Claim #1 - $0
    Accidental Damage Claim #2 - $25
    Accidental Damage Claim #3 - $50

    You are responsible for all costs of damages/losses.
    I understand there are certain conditions not covered by this damage waiver which
    1) Any dishonest, fraudulent, malicious or criminal acts
    2) Any loss to software, data, documents, music, videos, recordings or other personal
    information that I have placed on the device
    3) Additional loss caused by the failure to use all reasonable means to protect the device
    after it has been damaged
    4) Disappearance of the device not reported to local law enforcement
    5) Any use not in accordance with District policies and procedures.