• Boy in gray stocking hat Open Enrollment is an opportunity to request that your student attend a school of choice, which is outside of their attendance area. Students who do not live within district boundaries, but want to attend a school in Thompson, need to complete the Open Enrollment form.

    Open Enrollment is Fully Online

    • Apply for multiple students and schools from your computer, phone or tablet, without going to each school and receive an emailed confirmation of receipt.
    • Charter schools use a different process. Please contact them directly.
    • If your student is currently open enrolled in grade 5 or grade 8 and you wish to stay in that feeder system, you will need to open enroll into your school of choice.
    • Need assistance with technology or the online application? Please contact any school’s main office for support.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Open Enrollment is an opportunity for a student to attend a school of choice which is outside of their attendance area. In district students applying to a school outside their attendance area, as well as students who do not live within district boundaries but want to attend a school in St. Vrain, need to complete the form. *Students who are currently attending their school of choice on open enrollment do not need to reapply each year in order to remain at the same school.

    • December 1, 2020 to December 15, 2020: Submit applications
      December 1 through December 15 is the period in which applications for open enrollment should be submitted to the requested school.
    • January 18, 2021: Deadline to receive application status from school
      Families will receive notification via the family dashboard with approval or denial status by January 18.
    • February 1, 2021: Deadline for school visits and open enrollment confirmation
      Applicants who have been approved for open enrollment should visit the requested school by February 1 and confirm their desire to open enroll via the family dashboard. *After the open enrollment timeline, St. Vrain will continue to accept open enrollment applications on a rolling basis.

    An opportunity to request that your student attends a school of choice, which is different than their designated attendance area school.

    Open Enrollment Reminders

    • All schools allow open enrollment, however some schools may not have space available for open enrollment. Each year the Board of Education reviews school populations, enrollment projections, building capacities and staff sizes and determines what schools can permit open enrollment.
    • Transportation for open enrolled or non SVVSD students is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

    Students whose applications are denied or whose applications were submitted after the December 15 deadline will be added to the waitlist of the requested school. Board policy also provides the opportunity of appeal.

    • Students wishing to apply for Open Enrollment/Nonresident for the current school year – Contact schools for more information.
    • Open Enrollment FAQs English Spanish

    Open Enrollment Appeals Process

    If you have been denied open enrollment and would like to appeal the open enrollment decision, the following form must be filled out and sent to open-enrollment-appeals-group@svvsd.org.

    • Open Enrollment Appeal Form

    Please email open-enrollment-appeals@svvsd.org if you need additional instructions or support regarding the appeals process.

    Board Policy on Open Enrollment

    • Board Policy on Open Enrollment
    • Board Policy on Open Enrollment – Procedures