• Welcome to the 2021 Spring Season



    Thompson School District Spectator Expectations




      1. Home team is allowed 2 spectators per athlete on the roster
      2. Visiting team is allowed 1 spectator per athlete on the roster
      3. Each person will have a ticket provided by their school to enter the game
      4. Spectators will be given assigned seating and you must stay in those assigned seats
      5. Spectators must wear mask over nose and mouth


    • NO TICKET would mean NO ENTRY


    1. After the first game, all spectators must leave the gym immediately-this means you would wait for your athlete outside so we can clean the gym for our second game
    2. After our second game all spectators must leave the gym immediately-wait for your athlete outside so we are able to clean the gym for the third game.
    3. Please adhere to the rules and expectations so we can continue to have spectators at all our home games, if you can not follow these rules we will ask for you to leave so we can allow others in the gym. Thanks for your cooperation.



    Severance and Windsor Middle Schools are able to accommodate TWO spectators per sporting event. Tickets will be handed out to athletes by their coaches 24 hours prior to the event. 

    *While athletes may come in to the building early, the doors for spectators will not be open until 4:15. These schools need time to get set up and a have a ticket-taker at the door. 


    Each school has their own procedures and expectations which have been listed individually for you. Please be sure to review them carefully. We are very fortunate to have sports at all and do not want to jeopardize the season in any way.  Live streaming will also be available at most schools. Please click on the location of the game for instructions on how to view. 


    We appreciate your support and go T-Birds!