• Esports are happening this school year and you do NOT want to miss out.

    Player Invite - Please use this link to sign up as a player.  Also please email me @ keith.lobdell@thompsonschools.org and let me know whether you want to play Smite or Rocket League.  Also if you know who you want to be on a team with please let me know.  Cost at the moment is $60.00 payable to BHS Esports.  There is a chance we can lower the cost if we get more than 20 students to join.


    We are excited to continue with the second year of our Esports Pilot.  Here are the dates for the fall season:




    Sept. 15

    Preseason begins

    Oct. 15

    Regular season begins

    Nov. 30

    Playoffs begin

    Dec. 11



    Note that all competition this season will be virtual, due to state health guidelines. This means that teams are not permitted to have in-person practices and competitions. These need to be conducted remotely.


    The season will once again be facilitated by our partner, PlayVS: playvs.com/high-school


    Esports page on CHSAANow: chsaanow.com/activities/esports


    Please let me know if you have any questions.


    Keith Lobdell